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Keynote speaker on business communication

Do you need a professional speaker to help your people:

  • Get out of the way to enable successful business change
  • Reduce conflict in the workplace whilst increasing output
  • Achieve more by understanding how to persuade effectively and ethically

Book an award winning professional speaker for your event or conference. Leon was crowned the 2018 speaker factor winner, by the Professional Speaking Association.


Speaker Credentials

  • Over 10 years professional speaking experience
  • Crowned the 2018 SpeakerFactor winner by the Professional Speaking Association (book now and discover why!)
  • Led and brought about change in multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multi-national corporations (he gets it!)
  • He has learnt the secret of being able to get people working together and flourishing during big change. But he has a secret: as a recovering ‘techie’ he has had to learn how to communicate with “real” people the hard way.  


Leon is an amazing speaker and a very nice person himself! He takes you through the journey of his life and mind changing situation effortlessly and with such inspiration that all what you want is actually listen and learn! I realised how much time is still wasted actually on unimportant things and was tearful quite few times during the speech... I highly recommend Leon and definitely will look forward to see him speak again!
Olga Geidane
Life Coach
Not only was Leon's talk engaging and entertaining - it literally made us laugh and cry - he also delivered a clear and actionable message which prompted the audience to go and make a change. I'm looking forward to hearing him speak again and would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker for your event or conference.
Mark Faithful
Leadership and Public Speaking Coach

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