Helping great business leaders like you harness emotions to drive success

I’ll show you how to reduce the emotional friction in your business that is holding you back from greater success or that is sending you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Don’t just do. Become.

Nobody wants to spend their days focusing on “emotions” right? You have a business to run!

But have you ever noticed those times when you tell yourself you need to get certain jobs done by the end of the day only to spend your day fire fighting instead?  Is your time, or your teams time, spent dealing with important distractions rather than those tasks that will grow your business?

I’m a business consultant and award winning professional speaker specialising in helping you maximising your success and avoiding your nightmare scenario through paying attention to the human needs and emotions that drive us all. And sometimes derail us. Often we are so focused on doing that next project that we ignore the building disconnect both within ourselves and our teams. Or we are so busy doing what we enjoy that we stay still as a business rather than becoming our highest potential. Using the mindset and the skills to manage emotions doesn’t have to take more time. But it does help you get more of the most valuable work done.

I teach you to transform your business into an unstoppable force by learning to re-connect your business needs for success with your human needs and give you a process to keep them aligned. You have the skills and competence to help your business soar, I help you take off the brakes.

I have a proven track record on working in businesses and have led and contributed on very successful multi-million pound (GBP) change programmes. I work with senior business leaders and their teams in small business and large corporations. I am excited to work with you and your business.

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Award winning speaker

I’m a funny and engaging professional speaker. Why don’t you watch the speech that won me the most prestigious speaking competition in the UK: the Professional Speaking Association’s SpeakerFactor?

I love working in business to see people and businesses flourish. As a former professional programmer I learnt long ago that technology was often used to try solve problems that can only be solved through human connection. But I have a secret: as a recovering ‘techie’ I had to learn the hard way how to really communicate with people. 

What people say about Leon

A few kind words:

Discover the secret of being able to get people working together and flourishing in your organisation.

Leadership Expert

Leon Bamforth is the Leadership and teams emotions expert to help you succeed more.

People Focused

Leon is a people focused professional and can help you understand the value of your team and how to get the best from them.

Expert Advice

Real life experience, including knowledge from years in business, combined with years of study and thinking will help you overcome your most emotionally charged business challenges.

Results Based

A results based approach gives you and your team the tools to succeed in business.

Trusted by clients globally

Leon has helped in multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multi-national corporations as well as smaller organisations. Get in touch to find out how he can help you.

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