Enable your team to be the heroes

For those that wish to, you can now book your vaccine through the NHS App! This feature was added at 11 today and represents a lot of work behind the scenes.

As I said last week, when leading I will always strive to create the “one team” effect. It doesn’t matter where you belong on an organisational chart. It doesn’t matter whether you are senior or junior. If you are working on something together than everyone should feel part of the team. Everyone should be able to do their part and able to speak up if they are concerned. 

To be honest, I didn’t have to try very hard to create one team on this project. All the teams involved wanted to get this done. Leadership is as much about knowing when to get out of the way as when to nudge and guide! We had a lot of wobbles and near misses that we had to overcome (even a big scare as late as Monday!) but it didn’t matter. Because we had the one team effect we came together and each person with their unique insights could know whether it was their expertise that was needed this time or not. We became more than the sum of our parts.  The problems just melted away.

It is such a joy to be part of a team like that. You need to put people before the projects, so that people take care of the projects. It can’t all be on your shoulders. You are not the lone hero. Your team are the heroes. It makes leadership a lot less lonely, and it makes success a lot more meaningful.

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