Do your employees feel trapped?

After a group chat about ideal conditions for working, I talked to someone about the time he had a breakdown due to work. Thankfully he fully recovered. Part of the speed of his recovery was due to a sympathetic boss at the new job. He didn’t have to hide it AND he could do amazing work. 

He said for him, his toxic job was toxic because he had all the responsibility and none of the authority. He had no way to bring about what he was expected to bring about. He felt trapped and didn’t feel like he could get another job easily. So he stayed longer than he should. The reasons might be different for you but if you are struggling help IS available and change IS possible.

I always though I am special and mental health happens to other people. I now know enough to know how childish that view is. My arm can be broken with too much weight. My mind can be broken with too much (or chronic) stress. 

In both cases it takes time to heal but for our mental health there are warning signs to look for because our bodies are clever. If we listen, they tell us that, if we stay in the same situation we are going to become more and more damaged. As scary as drastic change is, we need to listen to our bodies and change. If you don’t know what to do, in the first instance talk to someone sympathetic.

Warning signs to look for include:

Dreading going to the place of stress.

Feeling like you are walking on eggshells.


Chronic diarrhoea (i.e. not just from a one-off bug).

Increased food intolerances (not always but sometimes)

Feeling irritable, or having a low mood, for increasing amounts of time.

Difficulty concentrating.

Negative self talk.

Constant worry / Feeling like you are walking on egg shells.

Lack of motivation

Mood swings


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