ABOUT Award Winning Speaker Leon Bamforth

Leon assists business pioneers with their organisation’s issues and opportunities.

2018 SpeakerFactor winner


Leon is an award winning professional speaker, crowned the 2018 SpeakerFactor winner by the Professional Speaking Association. As a business process and business communications expert, Leon specialises in helping businesses increase their productivity through having difficult conversations BEFORE needing a technology fix.

As a former business tools software developer, Leon realised although the default suggested solution to a business problem is often more technology. This can make the problem worse. Many business problems do not need more technology but more humanity. Through improving communication within and between teams productivity can be increased before any costly investment in new technology. Where new technology is required, Leon specialises in empowering teams to own the change rather than be change victims.

Leon has led and facilitated multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multi-national corporations. His proven track record makes him an in-demand business consultant who makes change smooth and impactful


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