About Award Winning Speaker Leon Bamforth

Helping great business leaders harness emotions to drive success

2018 SpeakerFactor winner (Professional Speaking Association)


In 2015 Leon had an experience that changed his life and his focus. Just a few months later Leon had more than doubled his income and went from not even knowing a Professional Speaker existed to winning, in 2018, the most prestigious speaking competition in the UK: the Professional Speaking Association’s SpeakerFactor. He achieved all this whilst being a happily married father of five (I know, you’re thinking: five kids? Just imagine how much farther he could have gone if someone had told him about birth control!)  

Leon has led and facilitated multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multi-national corporations. Working in business is a big part of what he does. His proven track record makes him an in demand business consultant who makes change smooth and impactful. Leon specialises in empowering teams to own change rather than be change victims.

When Leon helps leaders like you grow their business by having a laser focus of what they are moving towards and away from and having practical ways to really engage staff and stop avoiding conflict you know he walks the talk.

As a former business tools software developer, Leon realised that, despite the default solution to a business problem being more technology, this can make the problem worse. This was driven home with his academic studies showing the massively high failure rate of IT projects. Many business problems do not need more technology but more humanity. Improving communication within and between teams, through better listening to our emotional and human needs, can increase productivity and profits without any costly investment in new technology.  

As a recovering techie, Leon was an expert in the art of not listening and thought emotions were for normal people. He has since come to the light and has learnt to let go of the irrational belief that he is rational and instead listens for the deep emotions that drive us all. If he can throw off his anorak, imagine what you could do!

In 2014, Leon was awarded a distinction in a Masters in Informatics by Leeds University so you can be sure he is grounded in science but committed to what works. Leon makes sure you get evidence and results based training. 



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