Commercial and workplace Mediation

Leon Bamforth is a fully qualified, CMC and NDR accredited commercial and workplace mediator with over 16 years business experience. He can resolving your business conflicts so you can focus on your business success.

Commercial mediation

What do you do when your commercial relationships turns sour? You have attempted to negotiate but that has either had no effect or made it worse. What are your options? You can give in, or you can fight a protracted legal battle. The former is not a good option and the later will take resources, money and, most importantly, your focus – which should be spent on running your business.

Mediation is a third option that is increasingly used, due to its speed and high success rate, at a fraction of the cost of civil litigation. Oh and it’s also completely private and confidential. 

Mediation takes place over one day. Both parties voluntarily agree to allow a mediator – a neutral independent qualified professional – to assist them to work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute. 

But your dispute it too difficult, right? You have already tried to negotiate so it’s not going to work? That’s a legitimate and common concern. As mediation is completely voluntary there are no guarantees. However, a neutral third party who gets to talk to both sides can find options you had stopped hoping were possible. 

Key benefits:

  • Statistics showing that 90% of mediations result in a settlement that works for each party
  • Significantly quicker and cheaper than litigation 
  • Legally binding agreements

Workplace mediation

Conflict in the workplace is unfortunately very common. Thankfully, most conflict is resolved by taking the time to listen to one another.  However, conflict can also quickly get out of hand. Conflict that does not get resolved can start to poison relationships and turn enjoyable work environments into toxic places where colleagues are “walking on egg shells”. Often our instinct is to ignore this conflict, hoping it will go away by itself. It rarely does, instead this conflict continues to fester as it drains energy from your teams that should be spent on progressing your business. 

Dispute can occur at any level in your business – from the board room to the front line – and conflict at each level each comes with it’s own price to your business. One increasingly jaded employee can create a lot of toxicity and if you are not careful ‘factions’ can develop pitting groups against each other – sometimes whole departments!  

Bringing in a qualified workplace mediator, who is  neutral and independent, is a quick and cost-effective method of resolving disputes between two or more members of staff – even where line managers and HR practitioners have failed!  Workplace mediation has a high degree of success in effectively resolving conflict. it focuses on transforming relationships and focusing on long term interests rather than short term positions.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and cost-effective 
  • Much less stressful and traumatic than formal procedures, such as formal grievances
  • Very effective method of resolving disputes in your business
  • Avoids the hidden cost to productivity and mental heath and the rise in disengagement  and sick leave
  • Agreements are made voluntarily leading to a high degree of  adherence
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