How much is conflict in your workplace affecting your staff retention and wellbeing?

Leon Bamforth is a fully qualified, CMC accredited commercial and workplace mediator. He has spent the last 18 years transforming business culture and reducing conflict. 

If your workforce could benefit from conflict and resilience tools and you want them to be more engaged as a result, then Leon is definitely someone you should be working with.” – Jackie Handi, Brighton.

Workplace conflict resolution and mediation

How long can you afford to let toxicity in your business fester?

Unresolved conflict from the shop floor to the C-suite kills your productivity.

As well as providing workplace mediation, training with Leon can empower your leaders and teams with the tools and confidence to reduce unhealthy conflict.  

Key Benefits:

  • Increased staff retention of the right employees
  • Self-motivated employees who feel valued and want to work
  • Happy staff! Because life is too short, right?
  • …but if you need the words to get the budget also increased productivity because they are engaged, reduced sick-leave because they are less stressed and happy (I know sorry I mentioned that one twice) 
If you want to spend your energy on meaningful work, rather than pointless conflict, contact me via textemail, or call +447740363015.

Commercial mediation

How much is breakdown in your suppliers and clients is sapping your focus and losing you money?

Key benefits of Leon’s commercial mediation:

  • 90% of mediations result in a settlement that works for each party
  • Significantly quicker and cheaper than litigation 
  • Legally binding agreements