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We get one shot on this crazy rock called Earth. As we sit on our host planet, hurtling through space awaiting the slow, hot death of the Universe we endlessly flick one finger to scroll through our Facebook feed. We know that the key to life is asking great questions of the right people. We manage to bring enough energy to bear to type out that question of questions of the oracle that is our Facebook community: what is the next Netflix series that we should binge watch, because what else is there to do with our time? 

At the heart of this book is a simple idea that stops us from becoming the best that we can be. Imagine that you are walking through your favourite city centre or shopping mall, happily doing whatever it is that you do. Perhaps you are meeting friends, shopping or perhaps you are trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. Either way, you are blissfully unaware that at any point, you are within a few meters of a big, filthy, nasty rat. Why do we rarely see that rat? Well, we intentionally stay away from the dark places a rat might hide and when we do see a rat we are disgusted and quickly run away. Not only are we not looking for them, we are actively avoiding looking for them. 

Now imagine that you are going about your life and are also blissfully unaware of how close you get to the information that could change everything for you, if only you would look for it? Well, what happens if you come across this knowledge by accident? Often, we treat it like that disgusting rat. Information leads to change and change is scary. Best we ignore it.  

This book is about how the author, Leon Bamforth, found the rat, cooked him up and ate him. It is the story about how a near death experience led him to start purposefully living life and how, within two years, this led to him more than doubling his income to earn £100,000. Crucially, it also explains how he kept earning at this level. He has detailed the process so that you too can double your income, not in a “get rich quick” scheme, but by allowing you to dream big and then purposefully and methodically finding the rats close to you, to turn that into reality.

1 review for PDF – Find the rat to double your income: Take control of your success

  1. Victor Navas

    This book helped me to have a bigger goal, thanks

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