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I’ll brighten your next event and changing your mindset about what you can achieve through small but impactful changes such as focusing, listening and engaging your staff. In 2018, I won the most prestigious speaking award in the UK. I am serious about crafting a fun, engaging and memorable style so your delegates have a great experience and leave with  practical techniques that can be easily implemented to increase your productivity and ultimately your profits.

How great business leaders harness emotions to drive success

Are you, like most leaders, focused on what is best for your business? Of course you are, but how do you know what is right?  Most can answer that logically and rationally.  But what about emotions?  Do your emotions help you to succeed?  Or do they get in the way of your leadership presence and your business success?

In this session we will explore how emotions contribute, maybe even drive – or undermine – your leadership and your business. Unless you know what to look for, emotions can hijack your best intentions. In this hands on session, Leon will help you align your short term emotional needs and reactions to support your long term success by helping you understand more clearly the emotional drivers of your present and of your future – your vision and your nightmare!

Key takeaways:

  • Understand what really drives your short term behaviour
  • Know where you want to move your business towards and away from
  • Learn how to align your short term emotions to your business growth
 Leon is available for engaging masterclasses and 1-1 coaching to help embed the techniques great leaders use to harness emotions to drive success. 

How great business leaders harness conflict to drive success

As a great leader you are focused on what is best for your employees as well as your business but at some point conflict with employees is inevitable and even necessary. How you resolve conflict and engage employees in your company vision will determine whether you feel like you are are delivering your world class product or service whilst gliding on ice or battling through treacle. 

In this session we will explore how to resolve conflict so that your can focus on doing what you love. Unless you know what to look for, conflict can hijack your best intentions. In this keynote, Leon will help you and your senior leaders align your employees needs with your business needs and get the best out of your staff and teams.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to listen deeper to succeed in business
  • Learn how to engage staff BEFORE they become toxic
  • Learn how Emotional Intelligence will help you have the difficult conversations

Leon is available for engaging masterclasses and 1-1 coaching to help embed the techniques professional negotiators use to help you get the most out of your teams.

How to be a winning speaker

Do you want to empower and motivate your audiences? I show you, in a fun and engaging style that the skills that make you a captivating speaker can be learnt. There are endless tips and techniques that will improve a speech, but I focus on the mindset and the toolbox that led me, in 2018, to win the most prestigious speaking competition in the UK, the Professional Speaking Association’s SpeakerFactor.

Key takeaways:

  • Writing a speech that moves your audience
  • Engaging an audience to be remembered
  • Using public speaking to bring about change

Leon’s one day professional speaking masterclass will help you embed the techniques professional speakers use to have the greatest impact. If you have an important speech coming up Leon offers 1-1 coaching to empower you to wow your audience.


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