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“Leon had everyone’s attention from start to finish. He was funny, engaging and inspirational. My team left on a high with easy to implement take-aways. I would definitely recommend Leon.” – Mike Odling-Smee, Director at Airelogic

Would you like me to create a fun, engaging and valuable experience at your next event to supercharge your delegates? In 2018, I won the most prestigious speaking award in the UK for doing just that. From my keynote or masterclass you will leave on a high with practical techniques that can be easily implemented to increase your productivity and profits.


Are we nearly there yet? Getting your team re-focused, re-energised and re-connected in the new normal

You focused on getting through the pandemic and managed your teams working apart. Well done! 

Now, quite a few of you have got your teams back in the office (at least part-time). Well done again. You’ve dealt with the initial drama that caused. Well done yet again!

But you’re not there yet. Relationships have grown weaker, communication has been reduced and perhaps your teams don’t yet have the shared focus and productivity that you know they are capable of.

As you move past the pandemic, what is the best way to re-connect, re-focus and re-energise your teams to best serve your customers so that your business thrives? The answer is… to get back to basics!

In this session Leon will help you get your teams closer to their potential by developing shared visions and by avoiding those lurking nightmares that remain.


  • How to re-connect your employees so that they feel like part of a team
  • How to re-focus your teams on what matters
  • How to re-energise your teams

Leon is available for engaging masterclasses and 1-1 coaching to help embed the techniques professional negotiators use to help you get the most out of your teams.

Why are you doing that?

Are you, like most leaders, focused on what is best for your business? Of course you are, but how do you know what is right?  Most can answer that logically and rationally.  But what about emotions?  Do your emotions help you to succeed?  Or do they get in the way of your leadership presence and your business success?

In this session we will explore how emotions contribute, maybe even drive – or undermine – your leadership and your business. Unless you know what to look for, emotions can hijack your best intentions. In this hands on session, Leon will help you align your short term emotional needs and reactions to support your long term success by helping you understand more clearly the emotional drivers of your present and of your future – your vision and your nightmare!

Key takeaways:

  • Understand what really drives your short term behaviour
  • Know where you want to move your business towards and away from
  • Learn how to align your short term emotions to your business growth
  • Review your business focus and efficiency
  • Review your strategic leadership
 Leon is available for engaging masterclasses and 1-1 coaching to help embed the techniques great leaders use to harness emotions to drive success. 

Difficult Conversations

As a great leader you are focused on what is best for your employees as well as your business but at some point conflict with employees is inevitable and even necessary. How you resolve conflict and engage employees in your company vision will determine whether you feel like you are are delivering your world class product or service whilst gliding on ice or battling through treacle. 

In this session we will explore how to resolve conflict so that your can focus on doing what you love. Unless you know what to look for, conflict can hijack your best intentions. In this keynote, Leon will help you and your senior leaders align your employees needs with your business needs and get the best out of your staff and teams.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to listen deeper to succeed in business
  • Learn how to engage staff BEFORE they become toxic
  • Learn how Emotional Intelligence will help you have the difficult conversations

Leon is available for engaging masterclasses and 1-1 coaching to help embed the techniques professional negotiators use to help you get the most out of your teams.

How to be a winning speaker

Do you want to empower and motivate your audiences? I show you, in a fun and engaging style that the skills that make you a captivating speaker can be learnt. There are endless tips and techniques that will improve a speech, but I focus on the mindset and the toolbox that led me, in 2018, to win the most prestigious speaking competition in the UK, the Professional Speaking Association’s SpeakerFactor.

Key takeaways:

  • Writing a speech that moves your audience
  • Engaging an audience to be remembered
  • Using public speaking to bring about change

Leon’s one day professional speaking masterclass will help you embed the techniques professional speakers use to have the greatest impact. If you have an important speech coming up Leon offers 1-1 coaching to empower you to wow your audience.

A few kind words about


This evening I was privileged enough to see Leon Bamforth who won Speaker Factor last year. What a fantastic guy. Inspirational and that is from somebody who sees speakers every month with Vistage. He changed his tone, intonation, he paused. Just a master of his art and somebody who's so inspirational because he keeps learning.
Ian Windle
Group chair at Vistage
Last night Sheffield Coaching Exchange we were privileged to experience firsthand Leon's excellent speaking skills. Leon came to our professional development group to share his insights into how emotions can affect business. From the moment he began we were all hooked, Leon knows how to weave a story and make powerful, memorable points. I came away inspired and motivated and took action as a result of being there. Thank you Leon for helping us all to connect with our visions...and our nightmares!
Lisa Read
Sheffield Coaching Exchange
Leon gave a presentation in Birmingham for the Professional Speaker Association which I attended in November 2019. His session was interesting, inspiring & educational. The most useful part for me was confirmation of the craftmanship behind being a great speaker. Until I joined the PSA I hadn't really appreciated how many elements go into being a great speaker & Leon's session was a blueprint for mastering the craft.
Christina Jones
Facebook Marketing Partner
I've seen Leon Bamforth, I think, three times. Every time I've really enjoyed it. He has a great message but he wraps it in this marvellous humour.
Jeremy Nicholas
Writer Broadcaster Humorist
Leon is a great speaker. Specifically because he immerses you in his story and takes you on a journey where you can't fail to learn something meaningful and helpful. I see a lot of speakers who just talk at you, but Leon speaks to your inner self leaving you with a deep sense of understanding and satisfaction. I would recommend him heartily.
Professional Speaker Manager
I loved Leon Bamforth’s presentation at PSA inspire 2019, he’s a motivational speaker with real, useful content. Not only did he kind of move me, he made think and now I’ve got a list of things to do. Thank you Leon.
Richard Hagen
Leon Bamforth's speech today was really inspiring. He took us on an emotional roller coaster and I don't intend referring to what he was speaking about because it would steal the thunder. But he managed to lift our spirits again and leave us with some seriously good advice which, certainly, I'm going to try and follow. He was methodical, clear, and a thoroughly entertaining speaker.
Leon presents with clarity and humour, maintaining the engagement of the audience. In a workshop setting he conveys a passion for self-improvement and desire for excellence in a relaxed atmosphere. Leon is an interesting and thought-provoking speaker.
Jonathan Bowring
Leadership and organisational coach
I've just seen Leon speaking for the third time and each time I see him, it just gets better and better. The powerful, moving stories really get you at the heart and his messages about how we're spending time or wasting time is really valuable. I definitely recommend booking him for you next event.
Adrienne Gibson
Keynote speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant
I've just listened to Leon's talk about how he prepared a winning speech for Speaker Factor. It was a fantastic lesson on how to structure a talk, how to give it energy, take the energy up, take it down, how to add humour at the right points and how to finish it off wonderfully. So now I'm gonna go away and take my ideas and hone them even further with the new insights I've got and hopefully come up with a winning speech of my own.
John Hayns
Head Magician at Johnny Oxford
We gave Leon the challenging task of delivering the final slot at our company away day with a weary audience who had half a mind in indulging in the summer BBQ just after. Leon had everyone's attention from start to finish. He was funny, engaging and inspirational. My team left on a high with easy to implement take-aways. I would definitely recommend Leon.
Mike Odling-Smee
Director at AireLogic
I’ve just watched Leon Bamforth present, absolutely brilliant stuff. He’s got humour, pathos, he really tells a great story. A very, very powerful speaker, a very effective speaker. Took the audience for a whole range of emotions, really delivered on a message. If you’re looking for a speaker for you conference Leon Bamforth is your man.
Alan Stevens
Past president of Global Speakers Federation
Not only was Leon's talk engaging and entertaining - it literally made us laugh and cry - he also delivered a clear and actionable message which prompted the audience to go and make a change. I'm looking forward to hearing him speak again and would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker for your event or conference.
Mark Faithful
Leadership and Public Speaking Coach
Thank you Leon for tonight's presentation to the Coaching Exchange in Sheffield. I really enjoyed it - especially your use of stories and your interaction with the audience. I think your message of 'whose world do you communicate in' is especially relevant to my communications with my autistic daughter. I look forward to trying out some of the techniques you discussed.
Mike Sinnett
People Development Specialist
Leon was absolutely great, a really fantastic storyteller, lots of energy and really took the audience on a journey. In terms of key take-aways, it’s very inspirational and really made you think differently about the sorts of conversations that you were having.
Dominic Colenso
Business Coach
This guy is worth watching. If you haven't seen him speak yet, book your ticket and go and see him as quick as you can.
Anthony Stears
Keynote speaker
Fantastic speaker - great stage presence, great message. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to him, with some seriously insightful take-away action points.
Andrew Pain
Keynote Speaker
Leon is hugely engaging to listen to and gets his messages across in such a way that the audience cannot fail to be inspired to take action. If your workforce could benefit from conflict and resilience tools and you want them to be more engaged as a result, then Leon is definitely someone you should be working with.
Jackie Handy
Leadership Speaker
I have just watched the most amazing speaker. I can't explain how powerful his speech was. You must book him because what he will do for you, your company, yourself, is he'll give you an amazing message, fabulous stories, take you on-on a journey that you've probably never been on before, but always, always with a very deep, sincere message. He's a very authentic speaker and, my goodness, you'll miss out if you don't book him.
Leon is an amazing speaker and a very nice person himself! He takes you through the journey of his life and mind changing situation effortlessly and with such inspiration that all what you want is actually listen and learn! I realised how much time is still wasted actually on unimportant things and was tearful quite few times during the speech... I highly recommend Leon and definitely will look forward to see him speak again!
Olga Geidane
Life coach