Find the rat to double your income: Take control of your success

Don’t just focus on getting your next job. Find out how to truly understand your options and then focus on becoming your best self.

Here is how another reader took control of his success after reading the book

“I always thought my path was to find the next job to earn a little bit more. However, after reading Leon’s book I started to think bigger and not just think of the next job but where I want to get to in my life. I jumped to start my own business because this helps me become the best version of myself and puts me on a path to be far more valuable (and so earn much more money). Thanks Leon!” – Víctor Navas

How the book will change your mindset and add to your toolbox

Value yourself as who you might become instead of where you are now
Find opportunities to provide the maximum value
Discover how to define the life you want
Find the marking criteria to maximise your success

Your new future starts now… I mean, not right now but, you know, soon


This book opened my eyes to the opportunities I could be missing by not asking the right questions and by not understanding my employer’s real priorities. Highly recommend!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Buy the book because it’s awesome! It gives tips on how to improve your life in a really simple way.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book helped me to have a bigger goal, thanks.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The same price as a dodgy takeaway but you won’t regret this afterwards 😉

Allow yourself to dream bigger

Leon Bamforth

This book is about how the author, Leon Bamforth, found the rat, cooked him, and ate him. It is the story about how a near-death experience led him to start purposefully living life and how, within two years, this led to him more than doubling his income. Crucially, it also explains how he kept earning at this level. He has detailed the process so that you too can double your income, not in a “get rich quick” scheme, but by allowing you to dream big and then purposefully and methodically finding the rats close to you, to turn that into reality.

As a business consultant, professional speaker and mediator, Leon helps leaders build connected teams that share visions and avoid nightmares. Key to this is helping individuals be their best selves.

Be your best self

What’s the worst that could happen?